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Модуль Inkel Combi S-400

Код товара: 00-010-125

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Модуль Inkel Combi S-400 описание:

Технические характеристики:

  • Power output RMS 400W with high impedance
  • Digital amplifier adapted in the system reduced the whole weight a power consumption and a temperature increase in operation
  • 5 MIC input, 3 AUX input, AMP input, Pre output and post output
  • The system provides FM tuner, CD,SD card and USB function as sound sources
  • Possible to copy a file in CD to USB or SD MEMORY (also copy USB to SD memory or SD memory to USB)
  • 2 Groups and 5 zone selector
  • total zone can be expanded up to 10 zones
  • Siren and Uninterruptible power supply system for emergencyю
  • 4 Tone chimes for pre-announcement
  • Prioroty switches will give priority to zones
  • Auto announcement by fire emergency detection system
  • Built in monitor speaker
  • Remote control by IRM-10S
  • В177хГ340хШ436
  • Вес: 13 кг
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